Nature is our greatest inspiration. From the simplicity of a single flower to awe of the mighty forest, from the unspoiled beauty of fresh air to the oceans that surround us.

This inspiration is central to everything we do, from the character of our fragrances to the jars they are poured in, through to the final packaging materials. And because we believe in taking care of nature and caring for what we have, when your candle reaches the end of its life we encourage you to recycle it.

First enjoy the fragrance of your candle, and then refill it or transform your unique, hand-glazed porcelain jar into a vase and fill it with your favourite flowers.


Inspired by people

We have our roots in the beauty and fashion industry, and we get a lot of our inspiration from there. But our greatest inspiration is the people we meet in our daily work.

We also reach out to people who we respect for their commitment to our shared values, and who boost our creativity, helping us to perfect and refine our vision.

When we find a kindred spirit, we explore ways to create a symbiosis that helps us move towards our common goals. Do not hesitate to contact us at info@quod.se if you are interested in talking ideas!



Each part of our product is manufactured in Sweden, by the best craftsmen and women.

Our porcelain jars are made in Lidköping's porcelain factory, once part of the historical Rörstrand factory. Each jar is hand glazed and therefore unique, with a life all of its own.

Our candles are made from natural soya wax, and hand poured by Candelize, a small factory in the Stockholm vicinity.The box is handcrafted by Norrmalms Kartongfabrik and is made of durable, recycled Swedish paper. Each box can easily be repurposed to extend its life.