Limited Edition BE Peace – No 1 Black Wood

795 kr

Imagine a quiet moment in front of a crackling fire, with the wind roaring outside. This mild, mysterious scent fills the room with smoky cedarwood and spicy clove leaf, entwined with elements of vanilla, rose and jasmine. Now! In the colour SKY.



This is our initiative for a fundraiser for the vulnerable in Ukraine.
Together with our suppliers – Lidk√∂ping’s Porcelain Factory and Candelize, we have developed a blue vessel that is filled with our three popular fragrances. Black Wood, Dry Vetiver and Banira Wood.
We choosen a strong cobalt blue glazing because the blue color in the Ukrainian flag symbolizes the sky. One and the same heaven that we are all under and where we should all live in peace.

The candles are hand-glazed in Lidköping by the porcelain factory and then filled with Candelize with 100% organic soy wax, but a burning time of 80 hours. We have given this light the name SKY and the merit of this initiative goes in full to UNHCR. Together we can spread some hope and light. Help us to help.